The Easy Connect PTO Adapter


The PTO adapter will increase the length of the PTO by approximately 4.5″.

Horsepower Rating

Maximum implement HP rating: 120 HP

Adapter Material

4140 HT, Tensile strength 116 ksi, Yield strength 85 ksi

Spline Shear Strength

6 Spline -ASABE A500 type 1, Tensile Strength: 116 KSI

Spline Bearing Strength

6 Spline -ASABE A500 type 1, 75 KSI min.Yield, Bearing Strength: 4,187 ft-lb Torque


Tools Needed.

1/4 allen wrench
1/4" Allen Wrench
1/2" Retaining Ring Pliers

Tighten all three set screws.

Snap rings.

Insert all three snap rings.

Inspect snap rings.

Connect the male adapter to the pto shaft coupler.

Connect the adapters.


Installation Video

It's this Easy!

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