Series 6 1 3/8″ Shear Pin and 1 3/8″ 6 Shaft Length: 49″- 72″

Bare-co PTO Shaft
Part No. RB6105
Overall Length: 49″ – 72″
Cross to Cross: 39″ – 63″
Tractor Yoke: 1 3/8″ 6 Quick Connect
Implement Yoke: 1 3/8″ Round Bore
Series: 6
HP: 64 @ 540 RPM
Safety Shield: Yes


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Bare-co Series 6 PTO Shaft

Our PTO shafts are designed for various equipment; they come in various lengths with different style end yokes. Farm machinery operates in very strenuous conditions, which is why we offer the best PTO shafts on the market. These shafts are manufactured by BARE-Co. Bare-co has grown to be the largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of agricultural tractor parts in the southern hemisphere.

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